About Us


Al Madeena Islamic Complex is a multi educational institution for both Islamic and modern-general education and it is one of the renowned Muslim Institutions in Karnataka. It is located at Manjaday in Naringana village just 18 Km away from Mangalore, in south Karnataka in the lap of green nature.With the noble intention of caring orphans-poor and providing free education right under Ahlusssunna principles, Al Madeena was founded in 1994 by a renowned scholar Shaikuna Abbas Musliyar and has been lead by him in accordance with the blessed guidance of Marhoom Thajul Ulama, Sayyid Abdurrahman Al Bukhari Ullal and spiritual leader Marhoom Manjanady Usthad CP Muhammad Kunhi Musliyar. Upon a rapid development in the course of 21 years, there came up many institutions with different educational programs in a spacious campus spread about 25 acres which comprise Yatheem Khana(orphanage), Destitute Home, Boarding Madrasa, English Medium Primary & High school, Kannada Medium High school, Dars, Da’wa College, Computer Technology Services, Women’s College, North Karnataka Educational Home, Women’s Sharee-ath College ect.Over 2500 students are persuing official education along with the Islamic morals and principles in this campus. Around 350 students including Yatheems( orphans) and poor are accommodated with free daily food and other facilities. The poor include Mutha-allims, Da’wa College Students as well as educationally and socially very backward children from northern area of Karnataka.Under the determined headship of Shaikuna Usthad, committee members and its dedicated servants in and abroad play vital role for its successful venture.The founder, Shaikhuna Abbas Usthad, a notable Scholar is basically Mudarris by his profession. He had been Mudarris for long 21 years in Manjanady central Masjid alone as well as for 8 years in other places. His Dars teach still continued in Al Madeena . As a result of his long term Dars service over 44 years, he has gained plenteous disciples and contributed them to the society. Presently, Dars is upgraded as Shareeath College in Al Madeena with additional Teaching Staffs (Mudarris) beside well established building facilities. Usthad also has been appointed as assistant Khazi for Mudipu and Derlakatte Union Jamath Committees recently.“Signifying his forefinger and middle finger together, Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam said, Protector of Yatheem and I shall be like this in Paradise”(Hadeeth)

It’s worth realizing that all our above mission runs up only through the donations, contributions from well hearted like you and we appeal you brothers to offer good charity for this noble cause. We have to accumulate 15 lakh rupees per month for its regular expense like food, salaries and maintenance. The donors here experience miraculous healings of diseases and fulfillment of their desires as a result of daily Dua being made by our Yatheems and Muthaallims assembled in Dua Majlis.Al Hamdulillah, we thank Almighty Allah for His Great bounty and May He reward us Khair, Barakath, Rahmath in both world and gather us in Paradise with the company of our beloved Prophet Muhammad sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam by the high merits of Yatheem. Ameen.