Founders Message


' I and protector of yatheem will be in Jannath like this' - Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam uttered these words indicating together his forefinger and middle one. By this, one can clearly understand the importance and virtue of protecting yatheem children. It is our mass responsibility to take care of yatheems found in our society by giving them proper education and guidance to their future. The great virtue and matter of responsibility inspired us to establish a Yatheem Khana two decades back. Upon the trust in Almighty Allah, we started it with 11 orphans in a small shed in March 17, 1994 following Nariyath Salath Majlis. Same time, I sought guidance and blessing from Marhoom Thajul Ulama Assayyid Abdurrahman Al Bukhari and Marhoom Manjanady Usthad. These two spiritual personalities stood by us all time giving guidance in our mission. We chose the name of holy land in the earth. i.e. AL MADEENA for this institution, the soil that interrelated with heart of true believers. ' Verily, faith (Iman) restores to Madinah like a snake restores to its lair '. Our journey in the course of time favored its way with as many as educational institutions one by one that featured strong platform for the development of community under Ahslussunnah Val Jama ' a. We keep in mind that all our efforts haven't been successful unless the support and cooperation of well-hearted philanthropists. We are always grateful for their kind generosity. We always pray for them with our inmates that include, Yatheems, Miskeens and Muthallims. May Allah grant us Khair, Barakath and assemble us in Jannath in the company of our beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam.

Our mission has no stop. It keeps running forever with more and more projects and activities in future for the welfare of our community in the path of Ahlussuunnah. We seek your unremitting support and involvement in our all endeavors.