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Abbas ustad now sharaful ulama

Shaikhuna manjanady abbas ustad given the title of sharaful ulama .it was followed by the felicitation function conducted by sirajul muneer ,the association of the students union of shaikhuna abbas ustad at derlakkatte on 29 feb 2016 .the honouring function was led by suthanul ulama sheikh aboobakr ahmad in the presence of eminent scholars and leaders


Of course, a long cherished dream finally at the verge of reality. ..All credits exclusively goes to Al Madeena Dammam Zonal Committee. .comprised by the Al Madeena Hafar Al Batin, Al Hassa, Al Jubail, Dammam and Al Khobar units...Thanks to its active workers for their outstanding, tireless, dedicated hard work to contribute this building for Al Madeena Islamic Comgplex; an admired establishment known for affectionate care of Yatheems and poor, centre for ilm ( knowledge) and spirituality..Having well flourished and strongly reinforced by visionary scholar .Sharaful Ulama Sheikhuna Abbas Usthad, Al Madeena is at the heights of feat having reached remarkable milestones one after another. ..Let's be Proud..Masha Allah...Al Madeena .Damma Tower is a beautiful Residential Flat built at Ansar Nagar, Manjanady at the vicinity of Al Madeena Institution provided with all amenities accessible for families ....all set to get inaugurated on Monday April 11, Khazi Sayyid Koorath Thangal...@8.30 a.m.Oh Allah. .reward all who joined hands and shed sweat for this noble cause Ameen..
Do come, let's take part...

al madeena PUC and SSLC Result 2017